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LabCom.IFP – Communication, Philosophy and Humanities is a research unit in Communication Sciences, developing disciplinary and interdisciplinary work in the fields of Communication, Philosophy, and Humanities.

The unit is integrated in the Faculty of Arts and Letters of University of Beira Interior (UBI), located in Covilhã, Portugal, and is supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). 

One of the most  important features of LabCom.IFP is its strong commitment with the diffusion of science and knowledge, maintaining 4 online academic journals, 4 online libraries, 1 online publisher, 3 online databases, and 3 online educational media. 


Direction Board

Joaquim Paulo Serra (Coordinator of LabCom.IFP)

José António Domingues (Deputy Coordinator of LabCom.IFP)

Anabela Gradim (Coordinator of the Communication and Media Group)

José Manuel Santos (Coordinator of  the Practical Philosophy Group)

Francisco Paiva (Coordinator of the Arts and Humanities Group)

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